We use the Internet to help us find solutions to our problems. A website can position your business as a solution for the customers needs. Being online 24/7, helps customers see the solutions, products and services you offer.


A website is an affordable, fundamental tool that all small business need - a website is not a luxury, your customers expect you to have a website.


Great showcase for your services

  • Having a portfolio and client referrals is an excellent way to show your potential clients who you are, and what you can do. Your website is there for everyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



  • If you have a brick-and-mortar store, investing in a ecommerce website can increase your offline store’s profits thanks to the growing popularity of webrooming, where customers research items online before purchasing them in-store.
  • Expanding your reach seems like an obvious statement, but ecommerce does - you are no longer bound by your opening hours, parking issues or even what city you are in.
  • A large percent of online buyers like to buy local.


VOIP phone #

  • No more phone bill, no more fax line. That savings alone can pay for your website.
  • Your faxes will be emailed to you, and you can send a fax through email.


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system

  • Your small businesses probably doesn't have the luxury of hiring an employee whose sole responsibility is to answer phones all day. Whether it's to route calls to the proper person or department or answer simple questions, handling customer calls can be a large undertaking for a business. To help keep employees focused on their own work — and not talking on the phone all day — many small businesses are turning to interactive voice response (IVR) systems.
  • You can receive calls anywhere any time - you no longer have to be at the office to get a call for the office. You can get calls on your cell phone without having to give your cell phone # out to clients.
  • Having a phone system makes your business sound more professional.



  • A blog keeps your website current, not only for your customers but in the eyes of Google and other search engines.
  • Writing short or long posts keeps your customer engaged.
  • A blog gives you the space to explain and expand on product or service features


Appointment booking

  • Spending 5 minutes on the phone to find the "golden" time when you are both are available is a colossal waste of time, not to mention irritating. The online appointment system allows you to upload your availability and lets the customer pick for themselves
  • Confirming appointments by phone is replaced by and email sent asking the client to confirm the appointment.


The extensive eCommerce package includes all of the following:

  • 25 page custom website
  • Personal account manager
  • Hosting
  • 2 Domain name registrations
  • Blog
  • VOIP phone # and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.
  • Appointment booking.





Your clients expect you to have a website, contact Perpetual Solution and we'll walk you through it





FLEXIBLE! You can easily customize your Web Page and Website and make changes when you need to. You can do as much or as little as your business goals and budget allows.

  • Copy write work
  • Translation works
  • Graphic Artist work
  • Modifications to existing website


Setting up social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network can be a lot of work. And if you’re starting from scratch, it feels like a big impediment.

 We will create your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Without a web presence, you simply do not exist to the average consumer.

Our packages offers your business the tools to reach clients more effectively and advance your organization’s credibility through a professional online presence..

Ready to start?




We truly believe that having a website does not have to be insurmountable financially or emotionally.- it is as important as having a phone number, in a world where you "Google" your needs, can you afford not to have a website?

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