Over the past few years the use of web advertising, has increased dramatically. On search engines, such as Google, hundreds of thousands of sites come up for any number of keywords. For instance, if a company is small with only one website, the probability of it becoming popular without the use of PPC pay per click advertising is slim. PPC advertising lets companies of all sizes become known to the public through the use of a few keywords.


One advantage to using Perpetual Solution's web marketing specialist is that we have studied and understand the mechanics of paid marketing and PPC management and are able to come up with pay per click management strategies.


Perpetual Solution can come up with pay per click management strategy and take so much of the hassle out of online advertising for you.


Perpetual Solution marketing services includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for increased online visibility
  • Assistance with defining your target audience
  • Advertising with Google ad words
  • Website maintenance & updates


Want more advise on a marketing campaign? Contact Perpetual Solution and get your a customized online marketing started today.


Offline marketing vs. Online marketing

The cost of offline marketing is much, much higher than online marketing, considering the size and reach. Particularly for smaller businesses, online marketing will save money and turn potential clients into customer.



Bringing in a copywriter to polish up your text and advertising campaigns is one of the most important things you can do to increase the professional image and success of a business.

It's impossible to over stress the value that clear, well-written copy can bring to a business , not to mention the marketing expertise that will be bringing in customers long after the copywriter has gone.

And that's possibly the best reason to get yourself a copywriter!


Perpetual Solution copywriter services offer:

  • A personalized web presence accurately representing your company and vision.
  • Made to measure professional copy write.
  • Using keywords and getting better organic results in search engines, well that's Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


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1 hour of your time, and we can deliver you a website.

Some of our clients set up the telephone meeting with our Copywriters to coincide with their drive home. True story!

Imagine getting your website done while you drive home (on a hands free device of course).

1 hour conversation with our copywriter, and she will generate all the content you need for your website.

Contact our sales team, if you give us 1 hour, we can deliver a professionally designed website.





Wonderful design combined with well-written copy will add a level of professionalism and elevate your business’ image to a higher level.

Good graphic design will quickly communicate your marketing messages to your customers. The importance of a strong visual presentation cannot be overstated.

A good graphic designer knows how to manipulate colors, fonts and images in order to create the best impression for your company by merging art with marketing – the results can be amazing.


Perpetual Solution graphic services offer:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Email Campaigns
  • Printed Advertising


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Everyone can afford good design.

You need outstanding graphic images that brand your business and set you apart from your competition. You want those graphics delivered by an experienced professional .

This sends the message that you are on top of your game, your business is the best in your field.

So unless your budget is zero, you can definitely afford good design – see it as an investment, not an extra cost.



A common misapprehension exists among people everywhere, that translation is nothing but a straightforward mechanical process comprising a simple word-for-word correspondence between two languages that anyone proficient in two languages could easily handle.

A professional translator can solve problems and can make correct decisions regarding issues such as; ambiguity, the correct choice of the accurate word to be used among a long line of synonymous meanings to convey the exact interpretation of the source document into the translated document.

The professional translator makes the correct decision regarding when to add or remove words to support the meaning and clearly convey it, how to bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps between two languages.

Using the right approach, style and tone of the author while observing, the language conventions the translator creates a new document (target language) that is a mirror copy of the source document.


Perpetual Solution translation services offer:

  • Professional, timely service
  • English to French translation
  • French to English translation
  • Proofing and revision services


Lost in translation? Speak with our copywriter because words matter.


We are human.

Translation software has without doubt revolutionized the process of language translation, however we believe not always for the better.

To get  a real translation … one that accurately conveys in another language the true meaning of your original document you still need a human brain to process the meaning and express it faithfully and fluently, avoiding the pitfalls that even the smartest computer system cannot avoid.





FLEXIBLE! You can easily customize your Web Page and Website and make changes when you need to. You can do as much or as little as your business goals and budget allows.

  • Copy write work
  • Translation works
  • Graphic Artist work
  • Modifications to existing website


Setting up social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network can be a lot of work. And if you’re starting from scratch, it feels like a big impediment.

 We will create your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Without a web presence, you simply do not exist to the average consumer.

Our packages offers your business the tools to reach clients more effectively and advance your organization’s credibility through a professional online presence..

Ready to start?




We truly believe that having a website does not have to be insurmountable financially or emotionally.- it is as important as having a phone number, in a world where you "Google" your needs, can you afford not to have a website?

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